Feeling stuck

We had a tortoise when I was younger (a long story for another time) but the first time we saw him on his back in the garden, we panicked that he was stuck!

Many of us feel like my old tortoise George on the odd occasion, but sometimes we can get really stuck in feeling stuck!


Some of the things you might notice about yourself if you're feeling stuck

  • Can't make any decisions
  • Feeling trapped in a certain situation with no idea how to get out
  • Bored of doing the same thing over and over and over again
  • Jealous of other people who appear to be "living their best life"
  • Don't have the energy to try to change things

The thing about feeling stuck is that even if we start by feeling it in only one area of our lives, it can become pervasive and start to feel like we're stuck everywhere.


In reality a feeling of being stuck is just a big alarm sounding: something needs to change!

Let me give you some good news about change:

  • It doesn't have to be massive to have a huge impact
  • You don't need to have it all worked out before you start

But here's the bad news:

  • if nothing changes, nothing changes….


It was fascinating as a kid to watch George start making tiny little movements, which resulted in him rocking on his shell, then more movements and he rocked more, until he was rocking enough to get his head on the ground & with one final push he would get himself back to the right way up…


We get to do the same as humans: make tiny moves to get ourselves unstuck.


Here are some you could try to get you started:

  • Change something in your normal routine: maybe get up 10 minutes earlier and use that time for something positive. Or change what you eat for breakfast or lunch. Or change the radio channel when you’re travelling to your day. Any change will do.
  • Declutter something: your wardrobe, that cupboard or drawer that everyone has with all the odd bits in it, your car… you know what yours would be
  • Go for a walk on your own - no headphones either; so many benefits from this, like moving our bodies, being in nature, being present with the world. Sometimes a brand new idea will pop into your head - listen to it!
  • Do something creative: bake a cake, do some colouring, play some music
  • Write down what you're thinking: the act of getting the thoughts out of your head on to paper tells your brain you're doing something about it, and reduces the negative feeling around it

Each little change will start building up your momentum, and you'll start to see more and more choices available to you that you couldn’t even imagine before


Before you know it you'll be well on your way to change, and that feeling of stuck will be far behind you!


And if you'd like support making that CHANGE, book a chat with me today!