... helped me find the confidence in myself ...

I was stuck in a highly stressful job, which made me miserable, I kept thinking it would get better but it just got worse. I stuck it out for a long time as I didn’t have the confidence to move to another job and to prove myself all over again. Karen really helped me to take the plunge and find the confidence in myself to look for a new job. She had a highly effective way of helping me to identify my skills and values and how to make these shine through in the interview. I’m so thankful to Karen for believing in me when I couldn’t, and for helping me to believe in myself. I have a new job and will never look back. - T.B.

... feel much more able to take control of my life and career ...

Our sessions have had many positive benefits, the key things are:
Improved confidence in dealing with stakeholders, in particular those with whom I have had difficult relationships in the past. I can now successfully converse and persuade these stakeholders to consider my perspective.
Much improved relationship with my manager, I can now clearly articulate what I need from him and he can fully understand how he can support me.
We have spent time looking at my core values and priorities, what is important for me and what I may want from the future. As a result of this, I am now much more self-aware and have been able to create a development plan and roadmap for my future career including clearer work/life balance to enable me to be at my most effective both at work and at home.
I now feel much more able to take control of my life and career with a clearer understanding of my boundaries and responsibilities.
- L.H.

... a good coach will gently tease out the inner gold ...

I'm self-employed and in midlife and was going through a wobble, having prioritised my family and role as a mother, wanting to either up-level my business, or do something completely different. I was confused, holding myself back and stuck in indecision, which was becoming overwhelming, impacting my relationships and my ability to be happy day to day.
Karen provided the mirror I needed, so l could stop second guessing myself, gain more clarity about my values, and calmly create some actionable steps to move forward.
Whenever I fell back into old habits or began to fall into self-sabotaging patterns Karen supported me with kindness, always helping me to see my strengths, honour my achievements (however big or small) and value my dreams. I felt fully supported, which allowed me to drill down into my fears, and approach places I was from a different perspective, and with new enthusiasm.
I wish everyone could have a coach or mentor, often we know exactly what we want and need, and a good coach will gently tease out the inner gold. Our sessions were light-hearted, without judgement, fun and immensely positive. It is clear Karen loves what she does, has a brilliant knack for organisation and methodology, as well as an ability to read between the lines to understand her client.
- L.R.

... overcome limiting beliefs ...

Karen has a gift for helping others overcome limiting beliefs. It didn't take long for her to create a trusting environment in which I felt safe opening up about some of my current challenges and fears. She encouraged me to re-consider thought patterns which effectively helped me redirect my energy towards more productive endeavors. I am truly grateful for her guidance. - S.L.

... Better appreciate my own worth and celebrate my achievements ...

I was skeptical and didn't hold out much hope. However, after the first session I saw a major positive change. After 7 sessions in total I am able to:
- Quantify the impact that my stresses have on other areas of my life
- Accept that is ok to not be perfect
- Reduce the emotion felt when things don't go to plan or people treat me badly
- Re-live the feeling of happiness and relaxation during more challenging times
- Better appreciate my own worth and celebrate my achievements
- Better identify where I want to be in life and the changes needed to get me there
- Improve work / home boundaries which allows me to implement key life changes
- Take time out without feeling guilty
- Often say "NO!" to things that I know will have an adverse impact on me
- Enjoy my mental health advisor role without absorbing other people's pain
I know that there are a LOT of people out there that would benefit from talking to Karen!
- G.L.

... feel more confident and motivated than I have in years ...

A chance meeting that led to a complete change in my professional and personal life. Karen has supported and listened to my needs, and really helped me to understand that I had the answers all along. Through some great exercises and techniques, I feel more confident and motivated than I have in years, with clear plans to continue improving. - Lisa H

... improved focus and confidence to progress my career ...

Karen has really helped me explore my future career options, using a very holistic and reflective approach, highlighting what really matters as I change course. I was impressed how quickly she was able to guide my thinking with practical and thought-provoking tools, resulting in improved focus and confidence to progress my career to the next chapter. I thoroughly recommend her to others going through the same transition. - Jon T

... truly life-changing ...

Karen from the onset has been fantastic, due to the Covid crises it has been a very challenging year for me, due to the loss of employment and the challenges I facing in finding new employment and the future ahead.
During my sessions, Karen helped me build a list of things that I want to do and how to channel my energy and focus on my goals. She took the time to listen to the issues and challenges I currently face.
It was great to spend time talking to her about setting achievable goals. She helped give me a path to achieving my dream to pursue a career in motorsport, I have successfully been offered three placements at different educational institutions as a result.
Karen even went so far in helping me with my CV, guiding me to perfect my CV and how to market myself. The time we spent has given me an extra boost and confidence and helping me to reignite the enthusiasm after each session I have spent with her.
I would highly recommend Karen to anyone. This for me was the first time I have had a coach, in the beginning I was a bit sceptical about how a coach could help me, now I can personally say everyone should have a coach, it has made a huge impact on me personally. Having someone to talk to and to get things into perspective is truly life-changing
- William P

... I am amazed at her gift to effortlessly reframe my own thinking ...

Karen has made a huge investment in my quest to figure out my career direction and unblock my thinking in terms of obstacles I foresaw. She recommended some exercises which have been revolutionary in terms of confidence building and starting to actively try and push my career search.
She has been incredibly encouraging, helping me to see things for myself that I regard as “problems” from a different angle completely. I have been encouraged to delve deeply into my own thinking to uncover things that were apparently already there to figure out the values that define me and apply this to finding a career that would match.
I am amazed at her gift to effortlessly reframe my own thinking to give myself the answers to questions I’m asking myself. Karen is clearly passionate about her role as a coach and she exudes enthusiasm which also rubs off on me during our sessions.
- David P

... After every session I feel I learned something new ...

Karen has been mentoring and coaching me for about half a year. Since then she is a tremendous help to me in advancing on my journey to become a Project Manager.
After every session I feel I learned something new. Sometimes she is pointing out new opportunities, other times reflecting on how I am growing (which is so reassuring!). But what most often happens is that she just listens to my actual issue and with her enlightening questions makes me find the solution. It feels great every time! I am always amazed how her seemingly simple questions suddenly make me discover the way out of even the most hopeless situations.

Thanks to all the support I received from her, I not only could indeed get the role, where I am working on projects, only one step away from my dream job, but I started feeling successful in it. - Anna G

... I always come away from our calls feeling more positive ...

Our discussions are very productive, largely due to the fact Karen started out in the “problem space” of things; asking, clarifying, listening to understand, versus listening to prescribed solutions (sometimes we just want to be heard rather than given a fix). I felt genuine empathy for my situation.
I like the way Karen asks prompting questions to get me to solidify my thoughts/feelings on a subject. I enjoy the philosophical spin she brings to the discussions along with the injection of humour and light heartedness where appropriate. I always come away from our calls feeling more positive.
- Alex T

... Karen is empathetic, approachable and professional ...

Karen has been my coach and mentor for more than four years, and during this time she provided an invaluable support through difficult situations at work. She has encouraged me to do what is right for me, helped me appreciate my value and my skills, and was available to lend a sympathetic ear when I needed one.
Karen is empathetic, approachable and professional throughout our coaching sessions. She has encouraged me to look at the problem from the different perspective – my personal valuable perspective, and not to be bowed or dismayed by other people’s opinions. She has helped me to discover what is right for me and how to act courageously based on that knowledge. - Anna P

... the courage to experiment and try out new things ...

It’s difficult to express how much of a positive impact Karen’s coaching has had on me. I’m quite a private person so I am wary of ‘opening up’. Karen applied a good mix of listening and understanding which helped to foster a positive conversation framework (e.g. asking criteria based questions).  Investing time to listen and show empathy really worked well for me personally as I need to feel I’m ‘connecting’.
On reflection, the biggest impact the coaching has provided is to give me the courage to experiment and try out new things without procrastinating about failing or making mistakes. I can’t thank Karen enough for being available to help me when I think I needed it most!
- A.T.

... really got me thinking about my professional situation ...

I would not hesitate in recommending Karen as a coach. Her calm, friendly, professional manner made me feel at ease instantly. Karen really got me thinking about my professional situation, and what’s important to me and my family, in a way I’ve not done before which has been really enlightening for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect from coaching with Karen, but I’ve signed up for more! - Julie L.

... She draws positivity and inspiration out of me ...

Talking to Karen when I’m feeling scattered or can’t see a way forward always helps. She draws positivity and inspiration out of me so I can create and stick to my own achievable plans. I can’t recommend her enough. - Claire C

... lit a fire in my belly ...

You’ve lit a fire in my belly, I felt really heard for the first time, I’m going straight off to start doing those actions. - F. A.

... vast knowledge, common sense and experience ...

Karen is a great mentor. Her vast knowledge, common sense and experience are continuously demonstrated through her assertive advice. It is a pleasure to look for her guidance. She brings useful examples and ideas to any discussion. She is encouraging and supportive. Her optimism and sense of humour always make a difference. - J.S.

... Karen is a great coach and mentor ...

Karen mentored me in the company since I joined. She is very encouraging and passionate to share with me her experience and actively meets me online to support me. Karen enlightens me to understand my near-term work goals and long-term career plans and grow my network across the functional groups. Karen is a great coach and mentor and she always shows her care to fellow teammates. I am delighted and honoured to have her as my mentor and I feel encouraged to faster onboard and involve into the company. - Kaiyan