Does something need to CHANGE?

  • Do you feel stuck in your career, but have no idea what to do about it?
  • Are you stressed and overwhelmed?
  • Are you fed up of missing out on time with family and friends because you’re working so much?
  • Do you find yourself wondering: Is this it??
  • Are you convincing yourself to stay where you are, because 'it's better the devil you know'?
  • Have you lost your confidence?
  • Are you unsure what else you could do, or where?
  • Are you ready to change but have no idea where to start?
Karen Birchmore, Career & Confidence Coach
Karen Birchmore, Confidence & Career Coach


According to the 2022 Gallup Global Workplace report, only 21% of us are engaged in our careers

So 79% of us want something more from our careers

And we spend 1/3 of our lives working!

But this doesn’t have to be the case; if we know what we want we can take ownership and change it!


Imagine no longer dreading Mondays, but enjoying your career!

Imagine feeling a balance across your work and other areas of your life!

Imagine knowing you and your contributions are valuable!

Imagine loving your life!

I love my life


Here’s the great news...

You don’t have to imagine it!

This will all be yours when you believe in yourself and start creating CHANGE!

... helped me get to the next step in my career ... I am beyond ecstatic ...

Clarity… that one word just jumped off the screen at me. My message to Karen, "I feel like I’m at the point something needs to change but I don’t know exactly what that is or what my next step should even be." That was the beginning of a wonderful journey to achieve both the clarity and confidence to navigate my way through planning the next phase of my career. After almost 18 years at the same company I felt disconnected and lost in my profession. Worse yet, my personal life had changed so much over 18 years leaving me zero time and energy to even put into myself or my career. Karen helped me find the confidence to set boundaries and set aside that sliver of time each day to start focusing on just me and my career and wow did the confidence really grow from there! We progressed with learning and leveraging tools to help me realize underlying saboteurs holding me back, re-assess my priorities (which let me tell you really change over 18 years and quite honestly should have been re-assessed LONG ago!), highlight my skills, and with my new-found clarity work on a plan (including those important ground rules, boundaries, and timeline) to help me get to the next step in my career. More to come on where I will land, but I am beyond ecstatic I now have the clarity and confidence to get there! - Debra Bowerman, Career Coaching client

We spend around 90,000 hours of our lives working

So “ok”, “meh” or “fine” isn’t good enough

We all deserve to love our jobs!

... I have a new job and will never look back ...

I was stuck in a highly stressful job which made me miserable, I kept thinking it would get better but it just got worse. I stuck it out for a long time as I didn’t have the confidence to move to another job and to prove myself all over again. Karen really helped me to take the plunge and find the confidence in myself to look for a new job. She had a highly effective way of helping me to identify my skills and values and how to make these shine through in the interview. I’m so thankful to Karen for believing in me when I couldn’t, and for helping me to believe in myself. I have a new job and will never look back - TB, Career Coaching client

My mission is to help as many people as possible who feel stuck in their careers, to create CHANGE so they can love their job!


We create CHANGE by:

  • Clarifying what’s most important in your life  not what you think it "should" be!
  • Highlighting what’s crucial in your career – to help you make decisions
  • Analysing your strengths and experience – and how best to use and demonstrate them
  • Negotiating any obstacles – and building your confidence
  • Gathering ideas and options – from small changes to big new adventures
  • Establishing your plans for the future – based on everything you’ve learned and remembered about yourself


There are several ways we can work together:

Book a Career Clarity call

From this 90 minute session you’ll gain a better understanding of what’s keeping you stuck, plus at least two inspiring actions to start creating clarity.

1:1 CHANGE programme

In this three month programme you will go from feeling stuck in your career, to taking decisive, confident action to start loving your job!

Small Group Confidence programme

In this short, impactful four week programme you’ll go from lacking confidence, feeling invisible, and avoiding things, to full of confidence with a plan to achieve your next goal.


Contact me to set up our introductions call now, so we can discuss what you need and how best I can help you!


... improved focus and confidence to progress my career  ...

Karen has really helped me explore my future career options, using a very holistic and reflective approach, highlighting what really matters as I change course. I was impressed how quickly she was able to guide my thinking with practical and thought-provoking tools, resulting in improved focus and confidence to progress my career to the next chapter. I thoroughly recommend her to others going through the same transition. - Jon T, Career Coaching client

Hi, I’m Karen, I’m a Career & Confidence Coach and I LOVE my job!

It wasn’t always that way though…

I fell into my corporate project management job straight out of university because I had no idea what I actually wanted to do, and the opportunity came up

I stayed because I thought it was a secure role, where I had the flexibility to work part time, and I didn’t hate it… it was “ok” or “fine” but I definitely never loved it.

Then I stayed some more because I didn’t know what else I could do, I had lost all my confidence so didn’t believe anyone else would employ me anyway, and even if they would, I had no idea where to start.

Then I was made redundant: panic!

But then I realised it was my perfect opportunity: to find out what I actually wanted to do!

What I learned across my career but particularly through the redundancy experience and starting up my own business, form the basis of my CHANGE programme

I want you to know you always have options, there is always something you can CHANGE

And you don’t have to wait to be pushed like I did – in fact please DO NOT wait!

Working together through CHANGE will take you from feeling stuck, to knowing what’s important, designing your future and taking confident, decisive action to reignite your career doing a job you love!

Karen Birchmore, Career & Confidence Coach

Karen Birchmore, Career & Confidence Coach
Karen Birchmore, Career & Confidence Coach


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Here's what people are saying: to take control of my life and career...

We spent time looking at my core values and priorities, what is important for me and what I may want from the future. As a result of this, I am now much more self-aware and have been able to create a development plan and roadmap for my future career including clearer work/life balance to enable me to be at my most effective both at work and at home.
I now feel much more able to take control of my life and career with a clearer understanding of my boundaries and responsibilities - Lisa H. Career Coaching client

...Got me thinking about my professional situation… and family… enlightening...

I would not hesitate to recommend Karen as a coach. Her calm, friendly, professional manner made me feel at ease instantly. From the start Karen clearly explained the process and how the sessions would be structured, although there was some flexibility within that, and I found our sessions really flowed.

Karen got me thinking about my professional situation and what’s important to me and my family in a way that I’ve not done before which has been really enlightening for me. - Julie L.

...I am able to... better appreciate my own worth and celebrate my achievements...

After the first session I saw a major positive change. After 7 sessions in total I am able to:

- Quantify the impact that my stresses have on other areas of my life

- Accept that is ok to not be perfect

- Reduce the emotion felt when things don't go to plan or people treat me badly

- Re-live the feeling of happiness and relaxation during more challenging times

- Better appreciate my own worth and celebrate my achievements

- Better identify where I want to be in life and the changes needed to get me there

- Improve work / home boundaries which allows me to implement key life changes

- Take time out without feeling guilty

- Often say "NO!" to things that I know will have an adverse impact on me

- Enjoy my mental health advisor role without absorbing other people's pain

I know that there are a LOT of people out there that would benefit from talking to Karen! - GL



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