You may have noticed a few bubbles on my website, and in my logo, and wondered why on earth I chose those….

Well... I've been looking for inspiration for a logo for some time, then I heard a metaphor which really hit home:

Imagine people are like bubble machines, and the bubbles are our thoughts…

  • they are not permanent, they come and they go
  • they are constantly being generated - that's how we know we're alive!
  • they sometimes join together and make even bigger bubbles
  • their size and floating direction can be influenced by the people and environment around them 
  • they don't have any actual reason or meaning, they are not positive or negative, they just 'are'

We know that thoughts lead to feelings (which lead to behaviours which lead to outcomes) and feelings are there to give us information

  • if we are feeling great - amazing, our brains are doing what they are supposed to!
  • if we are feeling anxious - amazing, that still means our brains are doing what they are supposed to!

So, if thoughts, like bubbles, come and go, then we know whatever we are currently feeling will also come and go. We cannot control our thoughts, but we can chose how to respond to them, and we can use them to have new thoughts and ideas.

New thoughts and ideas can help us get unstuck from our current situations, so if you'd like help on getting unstuck with your career or job search, book a complimentary call with me now!


PS. Also, my husband says bubbles are particularly relevant alongside my love of a glass of fizz. 🥂