Does something need to CHANGE?

1:1 CHANGE programme

If you are ready to take action to bring about CHANGE this is for you:

In 6 sessions over 3 months you will go from feeling stuck, to taking decisive, confident action to love your job!







What’s important in your life
What’s crucial in your career
Your strengths and experience
Any obstacles
Ideas and options
Your plans for your future

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Small Group Confidence programme

If you are waiting to be confident before you’re ready to make change happen, then the small group confidence programme may be for you.

This short, impactful programme runs in four sessions over four weeks, where you go from lacking in confidence, feeling invisible, and avoiding difficult conversations, to feeling confident with a plan to achieve your next goal.

In this confidence programme we work through:

Your values
Your skills, plus dealing with Imposter Syndrome
Managing difficult conversations, such as conflict and saying no
Identifying and planning for your next goal

Career Clarity One-off Call

If you just need a quick, one-off discussion to help you clarify where your career is going, then this one is for you.

From this 90 minute call you will get a better understanding of what’s keeping you stuck, and leave with at least 2 inspiring actions to create clarity.


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Or connect however works best for you:

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Three month 1:1 CHANGE programme

Imagine enjoying your career, never wasting your precious time worrying about it, and so getting to live the balanced life that works for you!

Imagine knowing that both you and your contribution are valuable, as well as getting that feedback from others!

Imagine knowing you and your contributions are valuable!

Imagine loving your job AND loving your life!

I love my life


I believe we all deserve to feel confident and valued,

to enjoy our work, and have the balanced life that works for us,

so I created the CHANGE programme

Sometimes we can feel really stuck, and like we don’t have any choice, or can’t imagine what those choices might look like

But the reality is we all have choices, we just need to be brave enough to recognise and make them

I know, I’ve been there, but now I want to show you the way out

Just for a moment, let your imagination run wild...

What would your ideal life be like in 12 months time, when you know yourself really well and have made confident changes in your life?

  • What would you be doing in your career?
  • How would you be spending your time outside work?
  • Who would you be with?
  • How would you be feeling about yourself and your life?
  • What would not be there any more?

How does the CHANGE programme work?

Using a variety of questions, tools and techniques we will dig deep to:

CLARIFY what’s important in your life

  • We often live by a whole set of unconscious “shoulds”, expectations and rules, that we formed over years from parents, school, society, relationships and organisations…. But often these can be holding us back, and stopping us from doing what we really want to do
  • We will get real clarity on what’s actually important in your life, as the foundation for all your future decision making

HIGHLIGHT what’s crucial in your career

  • Once you start to recognise what’s actually important to you, you can start to define a set of things which are crucial to have, and to NOT have in your career

ANALYSE your strengths and experience

  • We can often list a number of skills we think are our key ones, but we can also be completely blind to some of the strengths we have that we take for granted, and so don’t see that way
  • Its also important to understand the difference between being able to do something well, and wanting to use those skills
  • We’ll also look at how we can demonstrate our strengths and experiences to others without it feeling awkward or like boasting, or my in word “icky”

NEGOTIATE your obstacles

  • Along the way there will be things that come up that are stopping you making the progress, changes or decisions that you want to make… we will take a closer look at those and how you can overcome them, in a variety of ways

GATHER ideas and options

  • Using all the information you have learned or remembered about yourself, we will start gathering options and ideas of what you might want to next

ESTABLISH your future plans

  • In our last session you will bring together all of your learnings from the programme, set yourself a goal and then leave with a plan of action of how to get there

You will leave each session with some actions to take before the next session:- whilst I may suggest some exercises to try, the ultimate decision and action is yours.

What do I need to have to join the CHANGE programme?

You need to:

  • Be ready to take action to make CHANGE happen now!
  • Believe that CHANGE is possible for you – even though you don’t know how, yet!
  • Be willing to challenge your current beliefs
  • Be able to listen to and hear different perspectives
  • Be ready to have fun along the journey!

Know that in all of our sessions you are in a safe and confidential space, without any judgement or assumptions, but expect to be challenged.

I will provide tools that you can use, but I cannot do the work or take the actions for you – CHANGE is all about you changing things for yourself.

What I won't do is provide you with answers, advice or direction - I am not you, so I don’t know what's right for you, but you do (or will!)

This sounds perfect for me – how do I sign up?

The first thing to do is to contact me now to book a complimentary introduction call!

We need to chat about your expectations, what I offer, and make sure that we both feel this is the right way forward. Make sure you use this session to ask any questions as well!

In the mean time, have a read through my reviews, and check out my blogs on a variety of career and confidence topics!