7 signs something needs to change 

Sometimes admitting we need to make a change is the biggest hurdle we have to overcome

It’s the scariest one. The one we avoid acknowledging.

Accepting it might make us feel like a failure

Or feel like such a big black hole of uncertainty we'd rather pretend its not there


Are any of these signs familiar?


  1. Is this it?
  2. It's not fair


  1. Jealous
  2. Disconnected


  1. Avoiding taking action out of fear
  2. Turning down opportunities
  3. Nothing…


Sounds like, if you really listen to yourself, you know that something needs to change…


Change is scary, but there's something even scarier:

Imagine you stay exactly how you are, nothing changes.

In a year, how will you feel if this is all still going on? In 5 years? In 10 years?

What about in later life, will you look back and wish you'd had the courage to live your best life?

Regret at not trying, not creating any change for ourselves, for settling for things because its easier - those are things we hear most about when people get older.


Now you're being honest with yourself, try these 7 steps to start your change

  1. Ask yourself: if I could change one thing in my life RIGHT NOW, what would it be?
  2. Challenge yourself: what are at least 10 things I COULD (not WILL) do to improve it?
  3. Pick one: select 1 thing from your list, could be most exciting, easiest, cheapest, fastest result, doesn't matter, just pick one
  4. Break it down: write down all the steps you need to take to do it - including if you don't know, how you could find out
  5. Commit: get out your calendar, pick a date and time you're going to do each step
  6. Action: do each step, hold yourself accountable, no excuses
  7. Celebrate: you've just taken action to improve your life, be proud!


But even when you know that something needs to change, sometimes it can be really hard to identify WHAT needs to change


If that's you, I've got you - download my free From Stuck to Thriving exercise to find out WHAT needs to change for you!