I love being a mum, but let's face it, mum guilt sometimes sneaks up on me…

Know that feeling?

It's that nagging one that creeps in when we question ourselves, wondering if we're doing enough or if we're falling short as a parent AND in the other roles in our lives...

But its time to let go of this feeling; in this blog I'll be sharing some valuable insights and practical tips for overcoming mum guilt and embracing our whole selves.

Understanding Mum Guilt

Mum guilt is that internal struggle we face when we feel like we're not meeting societal expectations or when we compare ourselves to other mums. It can stem from the constant juggling act of work-life balance, the guilt of taking time for self-care, or even feeling like we're not doing enough for our kids or our work. However, it's important to remember that experiencing mum guilt is normal and it doesn't define the kind of mum or person we are.


Recognising the Impact of Mum Guilt on Your Well-being

Mum guilt can have a significant impact on our mental and emotional health, self-esteem, and overall confidence. It can lead to feeling not good enough and self-doubt, and cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. By addressing and overcoming mum guilt, we not only improve our own well-being but also create a positive environment and role model for our families.


Strategies for Overcoming Mum Guilt

Now, let's dive into some practical tips and strategies to empower you in overcoming mum guilt and reclaiming your confidence

Tip 1: Embrace imperfection and let go of unrealistic expectations. Remember that being a perfect mum (or any other role) is an illusion. Embrace your flaws and recognise that you're doing the best you can.


Tip 2: Practice self-compassion and self-care. Prioritise your well-being and carve out time for activities that rejuvenate you. Remember, when we're feeling more happy and fulfilled, we’re usually being a better mum too!


Tip 3: Surround yourself with a supportive network who understand. Connect with other like-minded mums who can offer support, advice, and a listening ear. Sharing experiences and knowing you're not alone can be incredibly empowering.


Tip 4: Prioritise quality over quantity when it comes to spending time with your kids. When you're with them, be present really present; put down that phone, put aside that chore.  Focus on creating meaningful moments and memories rather than constantly striving to be physically present but not really being "there"


Tip 5: Celebrate your achievements as a mum, big or small. Acknowledge and celebrate the milestones you've achieved in your parenting journey. Give yourself credit for the love, care, and dedication you provide to your kids every day, be proud of the people they are growing up to be!


Cultivating a Positive Mindset

A positive mindset is crucial in overcoming mum guilt. Remind yourself of your strengths as a mum and the unique qualities you bring to your family (and your world!)

By understanding the roots of mum guilt, recognizing its impact on our well-being, and implementing strategies to overcome it, we can reclaim our confidence.

Remember, you're an amazing mum but you're lots of other things too, you get to choose to let go of any mum guilt and be a fantastic role model to your kids!

What little thing you could do or change today, to let go of any mum guilt? 

Connect with me and let me know!