School holidays can create more stress

Juggling all the usual things in our lives, and then add in working out what to do with the kids so they get the break they deserve and all without burning yourself out…

It can feel overwhelming

But there are definitely things you can do to reduce that overwhelm and to feel more calm and in control!


Plan ahead:

Where possible, make a plan for the week and share it; this gives everyone a sense of structure - often missing during the holidays - and helps you manage expectations.

Talk with your kids about what they want to do and help them learn the skill of prioritisation - work out the win/wins as much as possible, but be realistic too


Take care of you too: 

As busy mums, it's easy to put ourselves last on the list of priorities. However, taking care of ourselves is crucial in order to effectively manage stress. Make sure you carve out some me-time during half term where you can relax and recharge. Whether it's going for a walk, reading a book, or indulging in a hobby, prioritize self-care to replenish your energy and maintain your well-being. It doesn't have to take long to have a big impact!


Set boundaries:

Yes, its that word again!  But during school holidays, it's common for requests and obligations from friends and extended family members to pile up, on top of work expectations. Don't be afraid to set clear boundaries about what works for you and your family during this time - whether its deciding when you will be available for work and sticking to it, limiting social engagements or politely declining certain invitations. Remember, it's OK to prioritise your own needs and the needs of your family.


Share the load:

Remember that you don't have to do everything on your own! At work decide who you trust and empower them to cover things for you. At home, involve your family in household chores or taking care of specific responsibilities, share childcare - maybe you and other parents can support each other too. By sharing tasks, you create more time and energy for yourself, reducing stress and promoting a sense of collaboration within the family.


Keep calm:

When things get hectic, take a moment each day to yourself - a few deep breaths can make a huge impact. Grounding yourself in the present moment, rather than thinking past or future, will help manage stress and will also make that present more meaningful and/or productive.


Bounce back:

Half term may come with unexpected challenges, but building resilience skills helps us bounce back stronger when faced with difficulties.

When something unexpected comes up, focus on finding different options for solutions (rather than focus on the problem), and surround yourself with others who can help. Cultivating resilience empowers you to navigate the ups and downs, and also shows your kids those same skills!


But most importantly, remember to enjoy your half term, however that works best for you and your family - and here's to a stress free half term!


Any other tips you'd share?