Juggling multiple roles and responsibilities...

a day in the life of the working mum…

that gets even more challenging in the holiday seasons!

From being a dedicated Mum to a productive employee or business owner, it often feels like we're running on the hamster wheel of life with little time to actually appreciate it!

But don't worry, I've put together some time management tips which will help you find balance and make the most of your precious time


Understanding your priorities

You don't have time to do everything, so understanding your priorities and goals is the first step.

Take some time to reflect on what really matters for you:

  • Quality family time, career growth, personal development…?

Once you know these use them to prioritise how you spend your time - and don't be scared to let go of tasks that no longer support what's important


Delegating and outsourcing

You're not superhuman!

Some things do need to be done, but maybe not by you… 

  • Use the opportunity to show your family how everyone needs to do their bit
  • Consider outsourcing specific tasks - personally I hate cleaning so that's the first to be go!

Share the load and free up more time for what really matters to you.

A little side note - when others are doing tasks, you need to let them do it their way and not expect your version of "perfect" or they are likely to stop…nobody likes criticism!


Create an effective schedule

Now you know your priorities and who is doing what, its time to create a schedule that actually works - with realistic expectations! Allowing some flexibility is also important, for when the unexpected pops up.

Constantly switching between tasks is not efficient and can zap your energy, use time blocking to focus your energy and attention on one thing at a time, increasing productivity and reducing overwhelm.


Setting boundaries - including the word "no"

Self care is not selfish:  protecting your time and energy is essential to preventing burnout…

Setting boundaries and sharing them allows you to say no without feeling guilty or overwhelmed by obligation. Confidently and politely decline commitments that don't align with your goals and priorities, no need to even give a reason if you don't want to!


Maximising your productivity

Look for ways to automate or simplify: think things like meal planning, batch cooking, home organisation, batching tasks with other similar ones

Embrace technology and tools that help you stay organised and efficient.


Overcoming procrastination & minimising distractions

Both of these can easily derail our plans - and do them both consciously and unconsciously to avoid taking action.

Start to notice what triggers you procrastinate or distract yourself and develop some tactics to stay focused.

Try minimising distractions - turn of notifications, clear your desk, set boundaries for your family when you're working etc


Self care and life flexibility

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

It allows you to maintain your productivity and well being and prevents exhaustion or even worse, burnout.

Make time for yourself and things that look after you: whether its 15 minutes with a cuppa and a book, a run or an exercise class, a hobby you love, journalling… whatever works for you - make it non negotiable in your schedule!


We often hear about the elusive "work life balance" but I think its better to aim for "work life flexibility" that one that works best for you and your family!

Once you start to implement some of these time management tips, you will start to see you have more control over how you spend your time than you might previously have believed.


And if you need more tips specifically for the holidays, check out my F R E E resource for Thriving Not Just Suriving the festive season! 


I hope these tips inspire you to make the most of  the only finite resource we have - our time - and live the life that brings you joy!