Stop avoiding difficult conversations

With 70% of people avoiding difficult conversations and over 90% of employees reporting staying silent in challenging conversations over the last 18 months we really need to think of the personal cost to this avoidance.

There are a huge number of reasons that people avoid difficult conversations, but in the end most of them come down to some kind of fear:

Overcome resistance to change

I write a lot about how the only way to get away from something we don't like is to CHANGE.

But change is really hard!

There are several real reasons why change is hard and they're all down do how our brains are designed.

Avoid Holiday Season Burnout

1. Let go of perfect!

✘ Perfect is such hard work, takes so much extra effort and adds even more time pressure

✔ Decide what's "good enough" and do only that

❗ Remember: Done is so much better than perfect!

what is confidence?

Confidence can be hard to define….

In fact, each of us will have a slightly different perspective...

We are all individuals after all!

Read on for my perspective on what confidence is, and what it is not.

Do you agree?


Flexible and Remote Working

If Covid has taught us anything, it is that we cannot predict the future, and we need to appreciate what we have now. It has led many of us to reassess what is important, and particularly our work-life balance. It has also shown us how resilient and flexible we can be.

Assume good intentions

Sometimes other people's actions feel like they have a really big impact on us, and, if we perceive that impact as negative, we can spend a lot of energy asking ourselves things like:

Why did they do this to me?

Why don't they care?

Why are they so selfish?

Don't they know how much time this is going to take me / money this will cost me / other impact on me?