Comparison is part of life, it's instinctive (we're human) but it can also be pervasive & impactful in ways it does not need to be - comparisonitis!

I always struggled with comparison. You name it, I've compared myself, and interpreted external comparisons, and found myself lacking.

Trust yourself

Words are so important!

But we can often fall into bad habits to stop ourselves feeling like we're being pushy, aggressive, demanding etc…

What we're actually doing in those cases is unconsciously putting ourselves down, and giving others permission to do the same.

Control a difficult conversation

Many of us hate the idea of difficult conversations of any kind

Some of us hate them to the point where we just avoid them completely, leaving us missing out - see my other blog: the cost of avoiding difficult conversations

But if we change how we approach them - and let's be honest, sometimes you really just cannot avoid them! - then there are some things that you need to remember are actually in your control!

I am not your doormat

A huge number of us in this world are "people pleasers"

We love to help other people - but we often do it at the detriment of ourselves.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • I need to be nice to people even if I'm in a bad mood

Conflict management

Most of us avoid conflict, mainly because it makes us feel really uncomfortable, and it can lead to any number of fears coming up in our brains….

But imagine how much easier life would be if you no longer felt the need to avoid situations just in case any conflict arose?

Do it for yourself, not because you 'should'

So you think you want to do something, be something, have something, change something…

Now ask yourself these series of questions (probably easiest if you write down your answers or talk them through with someone else):