7 signs something needs to change 

Sometimes admitting we need to make a change is the biggest hurdle we have to overcome

Shoulds are holding you back like strings on a puppet


"I should do that because…."

"You're should-ing all over yourself!"

The first time I heard this 🤣🤔💡🙄

Setting your boundaries

I can't do that, its so selfish!

I can't do that, so-and-so won't be happy, I'm just being selfish

I can't stop doing that, it will mean so-and-so have to [change their behaviour], so that's really selfish

I can't do that, people will think I'm really selfish

Does the idea of trying something new fill you with fear?

Do you prefer to stick with what you know - even if you don't really like it?

You may be stuck in your comfort zone….

Feeling stuck

We had a tortoise when I was younger (a long story for another time) but the first time we saw him on his back in the garden, we panicked that he was stuck!

Many of us feel like my old tortoise George on the odd occasion, but sometimes we can get really stuck in feeling stuck!


Some of the things you might notice about yourself if you're feeling stuck

Decision making

Do you find it hard to make decisions, and end up going round and round in circles, sometimes paralysed into doing nothing??

Are you awake in the small hours thinking "but what if…., what if…., what if….."